Nisreen M. Redwan



I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, inclusive, supports risk-taking and invites a sharing of ideas.

Professional Profile

  • Founder of Arabic Spark and Education Spark Services Canada LTD.
  • Certificate of Intellectual Property Rights Protection from Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar for Arabic Spark.
  • Attended a conference of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce on World Intellectual Property Day in cooperation with Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development under the theme “Empowering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity” 2018.
  • Presented during EDEX Qatar 2018. Session Title: ”A Program to Enhance Students’ four Main Skills to Learn Arabic – IN ARABIC”.
  • Presented during WISE 2017(World Innovation Summit for Education) Session Title: HOW HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS SHOULD INTERNATIONALIZE
  • Organizing and hosting the first Arab International Language Conference “Arabic Spark’s Language for the Development of Strategies for Teaching Arabic Language and Teaching Methods” on 24-25 April 2018.
  • Member of TEFL Qatar and was the Teaching profile in their news letter of 2017.
  • 18-04-2016: A training course, How to achieve your goals by Dr. Mustafa Kamel
  • From 15th to 18th May 2016: A Coaching course by MEDEX training system, How to become an excellent international professional trainer, improving Speaking and communication skills by Prophesier Lenny Laskowski, Helton Hotel Doha, Qatar. MEDEX Training System, Doha, Qatar.
  • From 18 April to 30th May 2016 & 8 weeks, 16 sessions and workshops,  32 hours course in teaching Arabic, Seraj Training Centre Doha. Tittles as following:
  1. What does it mean to be a teacher
  2. Communication skills
  3. Teamwork skills
  4. Group work
  5. Planning and designing of teaching
  6. Learning styles
  7. Student centered learning
  8. Cooperative learning
  9. Multiple intelligences
  10. Active learning
  11. Class management
  12. Presentation skills (1)
  13. Presentation skills (2)
  14. Time management
  15. Assessment and Evaluation
  16. Exams and Test
  • April 2016 I hosted for the first time in the Middle East Arabic Spark Event (Teach Meet ) with great success at Qatar International School, Doha, Qatar.
  • 14 and 17th Feb 2016 Sir John Jones: the heart of Learning and Teaching (The Magic Weavers), Leading Happy Schools, The Intercontinental Hotel, Doha, Qatar.
  • APRIL 30-2016 Teaching and Learning Annual Forum, the Educational Development Institute and Qatar Foundation, Qatar National Conference Centre, Doha, Qatar.
  • OCT 21 – 2015 : A training course , How Successful People Think- Basic Module by Dr. Mustafa Kamel, MEDEX Training System, Doha , Qatar.
  • AUGUST 31- 2015: A training course, Skills for planning Success, Dr. Mustafa Kamel, MEDEX Training system, Doha, Qatar.
  • February 2014 Professional developing training in teaching of Arabic and Islamic.
  • International child safeguarding course .
  • From 7 Apr to 18 Apr 2013 Courses in Curriculum Standards Program titled
  • From 10 Mar to 21 Mar 2013 Courses in Curriculum Standards Program titled Entry Level – Arabic -Primary certified by the Qatar Supreme Education Council. Proficient Level – Arabic -Primary certified by the Qatar Supreme Education Council.



From 2016 – now

Arabic Spark’s Founder

I hosted Arabic Spark Event for the first time in the G.C.C and the event happened in Qatar 2016 at Qatar International School.

Arabic Spark will involve Arabic teachers from different schools in The Middle East , presenting ideas. It’s a great way to develop and share teaching ideas in Arabic, alongside informally networking with other teacher. Arabic Spark gives ways face-to-face and selectively to meet different teachers who provide advice, resources and ideas to teachers once a year.

Teacher exchanges are available when you can use organization and take advantage of each other for the help and resources that keep us moving. Teachers from different schools give attention to the issue of training that is important and all that has been planned for you. During our communication, we can research and present a study in a safe and reliable way.

Arabic Spark involves all teachers regardless of where they work and what they teach to discover the right partner and discuss the ideas, resources, options and motivations.

Arabic Spark builds an encouraging structure to take advantage of experiences and ideas permanently in the Middle East in Arabic to improve the methodology of education.

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Arabic Teacher

  1. Qatar International School. Doha-Qatar. September 2013 – CURRENT .
  2. English Modern School. Doha-Qatar. September 2009 – September 2013.
  3. Al Azizia School. Doha-Qatar. September 2005 – September 2009.
  4. Syrian Educational Program. Damascus-Syria .2001-2004

CEO at ESS Education Spark Serveries Canada LTD

We are a group of scholastically and technically oriented individuals who derive joy in assisting educational platforms and schools in carrying out their affairs excellently.

 EDUCATION SPARK SERVICES CANADA dream was born out of the identification of the fact that many schools often struggle with administrative, teaching and curricular duties and the need for a proper platform to be established to sort out issues of this kind.

We are experienced in Education, Finance, Teaching, Tutoring, Mentoring, Consultancy and Managing schools and academic platforms.

We carry out restructuring, revamping and adaptation of academic forums for better impacts.

Education Spark Services Canada  (ESS) is a global nonprofit that advances lasting solutions to improve education, promote health, and expand economic opportunity. Since 2015, we have been a leader in designing, implementing, and evaluating powerful and innovative programs in Canada and middle east.

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Key Skills

  • Experienced teacher with over Sixteen years leading a primary school classroom.
  • Experience of teaching Arabic subject to student of 1 to 6 years.
  • Adept at classroom management.
  • Planning and delivering Arabic lessons in the classroom and solving students’ problems.
  • Developing and executing creative methods of teaching to enable students grasp Arabic.
  • formula quickly and remember forever .
  • Administering tests on topics taught the previous day and giving feedback.
  • Initiating and maintaining effective and developing a classroom culture.
  • Identifying, selecting, and modifying instructional methods based on students’ intelligence.
  • Creating conducive classroom environment and developing critical thinking skills in students.
  • Skilled in identifying and developing learning objectives for students.
  • Ability to teach students in a creative manner and help them understand complex topics.
  • Ability to deliver lecture standing throughout the class hours.
  • Utilized research materials and library resources in teaching Arabic.
  • Tutored students in a group and on individual basis.
Curriculum Development
An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style
Clear Objectives for Lessons
Effective Discipline Skills
Good Classroom Management Skills
Passion for Children and Teaching




  • BA in Teaching Arabic for primary and middle school.
  • Teaching Diploma .

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